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AquaCom RONin-3000

AquaCom RONin-3000

AquaCom Ronin-3000

1️AQUACOM RONIN is a special filter for use in conditions close to extreme. It allows you to purify water to high quality under almost any operating conditions and has optimal performance for a production or food workshop, a hotel, a cottage, an office building, a large restaurant, etc.

2️The AquaCom ROnin water treatment system will give you consistently good water quality anywhere in the world. It purifies water from all harmful impurities such as rust, heavy metals, chlorine, as well as from odor, bacteria and viruses. Water after our filters can be drunk not boiled!

3️AquaCom ROnin works on the principle of reverse osmosis in conjunction with a Philips ultraviolet disinfector. Thanks to the purification at the molecular level, all impurities in the source water are retained by the filter or destroyed by ultraviolet radiation.

📌Water treatment with ultraviolet light is highly effective in removing biological contaminants: bacteria, viruses, cysts and spores. The UV water filter removes even biological particles, which are highly resistant to active chlorine. At the exit from the filter, we get crystal clear, tasty water.


Advantages of the AquaCom water treatment system

  • Water after treatment in our plants can be drunk without boiling! The water is purified from unpleasant odors, chlorine, rust, heavy metals, bacteria and viruses
  • Philips UV treatment system plus PP-20 PP Spun Fiber Filter pre-filter, CTO-20 carbon block and reverse osmosis with excellent desalination from salt
  • The filter does not require the use of reagents
  • Connection of several consumers (one system can provide clean water to several connection points)
  • The presence of a built-in bypass system (you will not be left without water even in the event of an emergency shutdown of the filter)
  • Impact-resistant stainless steel body, deposit-resistant material
  • The presence of an automatic controller for the operation of the system and water quality, the filters are protected from breakage due to pressure drops in tap water, it is additionally possible to set the required pressure for the operation of the connected equipment
  • Long service life
  • Customization, Power Ups and Specification Services as Options
  • Free service
  • 12 months mechanical parts warranty subject to AquaCom, 12 months service.



  • 3,000 gallons or 11,356 liters per day or 473 liters of crystal clear water per hour
  • UV Philips UV-30W with disinfection power up to 1.5 m3/h
  • 2 high performance 4040 reverse osmosis membranes
  • Prefilters PP and STO 
  • CNP 1.5KW pump
  • 220/380V, 50/60Hz
  • Size: 80*70*186 cm
  • Weight: 95 kg
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