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Girl Drinking Water
Girl Drinking Water

Clean and tasty tap water at your home!

Provide your family with clean and
fresh water right at your home!

AquaCom offers reliable and effective water filtration systems for apartments and homes so you can enjoy the taste and safety of every drop.

Our filters reliably purify water from impurities, chlorine, heavy metals, rust and other harmful substances. Sufficientjust call and you too can drink clean, healthy and tasty water straight from the tap!

Advantages of AquaCom filters:
  • Improving the taste of water and water-based drinks

  • Removing chlorine and unpleasant odors

  • Removal of toxins and heavy metals

  • Clean water for cooking

  • Reducing the risk of kidney and digestive system diseases

  • Improved skin and hair condition

  • Free installation and maintenance

Free installation and maintenance

SistAqua filtration systemsCom for home are easily installed directly in your apartment, providing continuous access to crystal clear water. You will be able to enjoydelicious taste of prepared dishes, freshness of vegetables and fruits, and also take care of the health of your entire family.

Personal approach

We offer a variety of filtration systems including reverse osmosis, carbon filters and multi-layer to suit your needsand water supply features.

Our team will help you choose the optimal solution, taking into account the specifics of your apartment and the needs of your family.

Trust AquaCom and get a reliable water filtration solution for your apartment.


Provide yourself and your loved ones with health, comfort and confidence in the quality of every drop you consume. Caring for your well-being is our top priority.

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