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Clean water in your country house is real!

AquaCom offers comprehensive solutions for providing high-quality drinking water to private houses and cottages outside the city.


We offer equipment, installation, and service for water treatment systems of any complexity:

  • Coarse cleaning and deep filtration stations

  • Hard water softening systems

  • Ultraviolet disinfection

  • Automation and control systems


AquaCom equipment reliably protects against rust, sand, hydrogen sulfide, heavy metals and other impurities.


We guarantee clean drinking water straight from the tap!


Entrust the water supply of your country house to AquaCom professionals!

High-quality drinking water is the key to health and comfort for your family. But in the conditions of a country house, ensuring its receipt is not always easy. AquaCom is ready to solve this problem comprehensively! Well water often contains high levels of iron, hydrogen sulfide, manganese and other elements, making it unsuitable for drinking and domestic use without additional purification. To solve this problem, the AquaCom company installs water treatment stations based on highly efficient filters. These systems allow you to purify water from all impurities to drinking level in accordance with GOST 51232-98 and SanPin It is worth mentioning separately about water softening systems. According to research by the Institute of Water Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, up to 60% of the CIS territory faces the problem of water hardness. Consumption of such water has a number of negative consequences, in particular, the formation of scale in pipes and household appliances. AquaCom softening systems can effectively reduce water hardness and eliminate these problems. Even when using clean water from underground sources, the risk of microbiological contamination remains. For reliable protection, we install ultraviolet water disinfection systems. The confirmed disinfection efficiency is at least 99.99% in accordance with SanPin To ensure uninterrupted water supply to your home and eliminate cases of water shortages, we can help with the selection and supply of water tanks. All elements of the water supply system are combined into a single automated system. This allows you to control the operation of the system automatically. Use the services of AquaCom professionals to reliably provide your country house with environmentally friendly drinking water!

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