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AquaCom Standard-150

AquaCom Standard-150

Water filter AquaCom Standard-150


👍 steps of water purification = 6;
👍 purified water tank = up to 11 liters;
👍 free warranty service and repair for the entire period of operation;
👍 affordable price;


➕departure of a specialist for maintenance within one working day;
➕ mineralizer to improve taste;
➕a set of 3 replacement cartridges as a gift;
➕Warranty for mechanical parts = 12 months;


👍 ideal for both elite and houses / apartments with low water pressure.

1️⃣ stage - removes sand, rust and other mechanical impurities larger than 5 microns;
2️⃣ stage - removes chlorine and its compounds;
3️⃣ stage - additionally cleans pollution from 1 micron in size, including fine suspensions and coal dust;
4️⃣ stage - a semi-permeable reverse osmosis membrane - the main element of the finest water purification, will finish off any dirt remaining in the water and send it to the drain;
5️⃣ stage - a carbon post-filter designed to further improve the smell and taste of water;
6️⃣ stage - mineralizer - to improve the taste and balance of valuable substances in water.

👍To ensure you always have a supply of clean water, each system includes a storage tank with a capacity of up to 11 liters of purified drinking water.

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